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May 1, 2007

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Armored Cultivator Pot - "Perfect Root" Anchoring/"Soft-Bottom" Anchoring -. . . . . . . Wrack Protector

Reef Safe FERT DISCS™(Time Release Nutrients)

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The Reef Ball Foundation’s Red Mangrove Planting system is composed of up to 5 components.  These include a  planting pot called an Armored cultivator pot, a slow release fertilizer disc called a Fert-Disc, an encasement tube called a Wrack Protector and an anchoring rod called a “Perfect Root” anchor. Those components can be used down to approximately 1.5 foot (.45 meters) depth below high tide.  For additional depth a soil filled artificial reef module, called a Reef Ball, red mangroves can be added to accommodate water depths down to »7.5 feet below high tide. The Reef Ball serves as a base to raise the armored cultivator pot to the proper planting depth. 

The components can be used together for maximum protection from threats to red mangroves planted in high energy settings or customized combinations of components for less challenging applications.  Some components should be paired because they work together.  For example, if you use a Wrack Protector you should use a “perfect root” anchor for robust rooting. 

The sections that follow will allow you to decide which components are required for your application and will allow you to determine the price of those components.

Reminder: NOT all locations are suitable for the Reef Ball Planting System. Extreme conditions can occur where planting Mangroves is not possible. If your area hasn't traditionally been a location where Mangroves have grown, contact us and we'll assess the suitablity of you location. Thanks.






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