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Close ups: Wrack Protector - Wrack Protector w/ Steel Anchoring System - Complete Reef Ball Mangrove Solution

In high energy areas, or in areas where the normal tidal hydrology is disrupted, natural mangrove recolonization is compromised. The Reef Ball Mangrove Division has engineered a unique Red Mangrove Planting System that can be used for direct planting of propagules in high wave energy areas. The Reef Ball Mangrove Solution combines a wrack protector with a Reef Ball Armored Cultivator Pot in addition to a newly designed "Perfect Root" anchoring system. The Solution will provide:

1) Anchoring in high energy areas:
(suitable anchoring of the propagule is a common problem encountered. The Reef Ball Mangrove Planting Solution provides a steel anchor allowing a durable mooring. Moreover, the anchor length will be adjustable to meet the specificity of the site bottom hardness.)

2) Non-competitive roots development area in harsh environment:
(growing in a non competitive area relieves the roots from stress, allowing the plant to focus on growth.)

3) Foundation Protection:
(the concrete base of the device allows the propagule & roots to be protected from submerged debris. Available in a bio-degradable version, the solution has the ability to “wash away” as the mangrove matures and no longer needs assistance, leaving only a self sufficient, beautiful mangrove. For areas that may benefit from increased habitat, the solution is also available in a “Reef Quality” version made from the same concrete mixture that the artificial reefs The Reef Ball Foundation has been deploying for the last 15 years. This version leaves the Armored Cultivator Pot intact to protect from strong wave action and act as habitat for local marine life.)

4) Enhanced Stem Elongation:
(using natural gibberellins pathway stimulation such as shading, the Reef Ball Mangrove Solution will assure fast growing propagules.)

5) Wrack Protection:
(the Armored Cultivator Pot's stems will be shielded from waves, floating debris, wind, upland runoff, predation and UV, avoiding the troubles that most often cause plant failures in high energy zones.)

6) Enriched environment:
(the Reef Ball Solution includes slow release fertilizer nutrients, varying with specific soil conditions, to optimize mangrove growth.)

7) Prop Root Development:
( the plant must develop it's own wrack protection via prop roots. In challenging zones prop roots may require 'training'.)

8) Extended planting zone:
(the Reef Ball Mangrove Solution can be adapted to a Reef Ball, making a propagule plantation in areas as deep as 9 feet below mean high water maximum possible.) Example below.

Options for varying environments

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