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In order for us to set up a plan of action, we'll need some information from you. Please fill out Section A and B if you are interested in learning what we can do for you.

(Also, we can provide you tools to self assess your site. Follow this link for self assessment tools.)

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Section A-Environment

1a) Where is the project located? [Country, County, City, etc.] Can you provide us with GPS Coordinates so we can look at the site with Google Earth?

2a) How difficult is it to access the site?  [For example, we have to carry planters to the area that can range from a few pounds to many pounds and we need to know how difficult this task would be]

3a) Describe the soil conditions as best as you can at the intended site [rock, mud, sand, depth to hard bottom or changes in composition, nutrient availablity, etc.]
[Note:we will eventually need a soil sample from them to compute fertilizer requirements and to adapt appropriate anchoring methods to the planter]

4a) Describe the amount of sunlight the site will experience [full sun, full shade, partial shade, compass direction site faces]

5a) What is the normal tide range [mllw to mhhw]?  In your experience, what is the highest level of water you would expect over the next 3-5 years when the plants will be most vulnerable to damage from floating debris [wrack]?

6a) How would you describe the amount of floating debris at the site? [heavy-populated area, docks, timber, trees, large objects, medium-natural objects such as coconuts, seaweed, light-protected area with low fetch]

7a) What is the salinity of the area? [full strength seawater, brackish, fresh water, concentrated/evaporated seawater]  Describe any seasonal or other factors that change this.

8a) Will the site be accessible to the general public and is it subject to being disturbed? [and do you have any concerns with vandalism, unintentional human disruptions, trampeling, tangled fishing lines, boat wake, construction or development in the immediate area].

9a) At what depth or range of depths would do you plan on planting your mangroves? [Note: we can plant Red Mangroves from about 5 feet deep to + 0 at mean high tide.  Black Mangroves can be planted from Mean High tide to about +1]  [Note: additional costs may be involved when Red Mangroves are planted deeper than -1 foot at mean high tide.]

10a) Describe sunken debris that may impact your site [rocks from nearby rip rap, coral heads during storms, other rocks or metal/dense objects in the sea].

11a) What is the climate at your site? [how many days per year have nightime temperatures over 68 degress Fahrenheit] [Gives us a Growing Speed Index]

and continue to Section B

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